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Author Visits!

I love reading at schools and bookstores and would love to read at yours. (And good news -- librarians like the book!)


Information for School, Library and Classroom Visits


For PreK-2: I can read from Eva and Sadie and the Worst Haircut EVER! and talk about how to write all kinds of stories -- including stories for children, newspapers, and public radio. 


For 3rd grade and higher: I can lead story writing workshops based on the wishes of individual teachers. I can talk about the process of publishing a book, the job of reporting and writing for newspapers and public radio, and the fun of telling stories with people in their own voices.


If you're interested in learning more, please get in touch! Also, download a school visit flier.






"Mr. Cohen is very patient and knows how to talk to young children. This was evident as he elicited answers from our third graders about literary concepts contained in the story. His book is delightful and the children were thrilled with the story. Hearing the audio tape of his conversation with his daughters helped them make a personal connection to Eva and Sadie."

                   Liz Caffrey, 3rd grade teacher


“Mr. Cohen was enthusiastic and energetic with the students. He taught them that anyone can be an author if they put their mind to it, invest, and believe in their hard work. His attention to details made writing fun for the students of my classroom. He was able to get the creative juices flowing!”

                  Sarah Leonard, 3rd Grade Teacher


"Jeff was enthusiastic and made an immediate rapport with the children. He influenced and motivated many students to begin writing their own books!"

                  Stacie Eagleson, 2nd grade teacher




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