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Here's how Eva and Sadie and the Worst Haircut EVER! came to be.  A few weeks after Sadie cut off Eva's hair, I sat the girls down at the kitchen table and interviewed them to get to the bottom of the story.   Recording my kids is something I'd done a lot of.  Why?  Because one day, when they're older, I'll want to remember what they sounded like when they were young.


But as they were speaing, I knew I had caught them at the right time.  Just like in any interview, sometimes you get good talkers, and sometimes you don't.  And this time, I got good talkers.  So I took the tape, made it into a three-minute story, and posted it online to PRX -- the Public Radio Exchange. It was called Two Little Girls Explain the Worst Haircut Ever.  It sat there for a few months before, one day, a coworker looked up and said, "Jeff's on Gawker."


And I was.  And then we were on the Huffington Post, Yahoo, Daily Mail UK, CBC Radio Canada, Digg, ABC's World News Tonight, and more.


Then, a week after the story first went viral, I got a call from HarperCollins.


Two years later, I'm children's book author!



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